Redhorse designs and manufactures high performance, race-tested engine fittings. I refined their logo, developed a more robust brand identity system and collaborated on design concepts for their expanding product range.


The Redhorse logo appears on products, packaging, advertising, merchandise and signage. The original design was familiar to customers but was difficult to use in many of these applications. The new logo is more flexible and legible but retains the most distinctive features of the original.


The new Redhorse symbol was redrawn using custom-designed letters. The distinctive cut-out on the left side of the ‘R’ has been retained and is mirrored on the crossbar of the ‘H’. The letters lean to the right to suggest movement and overlap slightly so that they can be combined into a single graphic.
The new symbol has a more distinctive silhouette which can be more easily printed, embossed or etched onto parts.


The original wordmark was based on a free display font which proved to be difficult to read at small sizes. The new wordmark features custom designed lettering that retains some of the geometric feel of the original and improves legibility. The new letters match the angle of the RH symbol so they can be easily combined.

Logo System

The logo and wordmark can be used in a number of different configurations. This creates a system which is flexible enough to use across a wide range of applications and materials.


The new font family includes narrow, regular and wide width letters and each set is available in range of weights- from light to extra bold. The new font opens up design possibilities and creates a consistent look and feel across different types of collateral.


The original colour palette of black, red and white has been retained. This color scheme is familiar to customers and complements Redhorse products- which are offered in red, black, blue or clear finishes.


  • Logo System
  • Brand Identity
  • Event Stand
  • Products
  • Signage
Fuel Line Clamps
Fuel Rail
Fuel Filter
Ben Johnson
GM Redhorse Performance

We brought in Identity Kit to help with product design and update our identity to signal a new era for our company. We still cannot believe how transformative the process was. Designs for banners, catalogs, packaging and merchandise all come together so much easier now.

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