Databox manages confidential business documents for clients in six cities across China. The company changed it’s name in 2012 and I developed a new brand identity which was implemented across the organisation to mark this new chapter.


Databox needed to transition from their old name (OSG) with minimal disruption to their existing customers. The new identity employs a new set of design cues to create a distinctive look- but communicates the same core values of the business- secure, efficient, trustworthy.


The new wordmark is created from custom lettering based on geometric shapes. The angled letters create a sharp and rational impression and contrasting colors visually separate the words without using a space. The logo was registered as a trademark and privately announced to existing clients before being officially rolled out.


The box symbol references the archive boxes used to store documents. It was created from hexagons- continuing the geometric theme. The graphic is rendered in a flat form which can be easily reproduced on signage, packaging and collateral.

Logo System

The logo can be aligned horizontally or vertically.


An orange accent color helps differentiate Databox from OSG (as well as competitors) and grey tones are used to provide contrast.


The primary font- Helvetica- is synonymous with modernity and has a clean, crisp appearance. Layouts emphasise clarity and are structured on grids to create an ordered impression.


The icon set helps introduce customers to processes such as document collection, tagging, indexing and storage. The icons are designed using simple shapes in a single color to aid comprehension and visually connect with the logo.


  • Logo System
  • Identity Kit
  • Stationery
  • Packaging
  • Signage
  • Uniforms
Florian von Oppenheim
CEO Databox

Identity Kit led the creative and implementation work on our company’s new brand concept and positioning, name, logo, website, as well as developing all the collateral from enormous warehouse signage to pens and brochures. Shane’s after-sales service was professional and critically important in the first year of our company’s name change.


Photography / Courtesy of Databox

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