Comm-Biz is a social business club located in Shanghai’s former French Concession. It offers members flexible workspaces, offices and meeting rooms in addition to fine dining and concierge services.


CommBiz is one of a number of hospitality projects being developed by the Comm group. They needed a recognizable mark for the parent brand with the potential to be expanded into sub-brands and implemented as signage.


Comm’s prospective customer is a seasoned business traveler who loves their work but also recognizes the importance of downtime. Comm’s goal is to provide a platform to help their customers achieve this balance. This idea is visually expressed across the brand identity through a mix of circle and triangle shapes. The contrast between the curved and angled shapes suggesting two sides in harmony.


Comm-Biz is the first project to be developed under the Comm banner. The parent logo – Comm – is a custom wordmark constructed from a combination of circle / triangle shapes. The stacked ‘M’ letters create a recognizable graphic within the word-mark and help to reduce the footprint of the logo. The Comm mark can be combined with sub-brands in a number of different ways. Each sub-brand features custom designed lettering.


Navy is used as a base color to unite all Comm projects. It can be enriched with metallic foil on print collateral. The interior design uses a similar approach– combining raw concrete and marble with brass details on signage, furniture and cutlery.


The identity system includes custom designed icons for amenities and numerals for meeting rooms and offices. The geometric shapes complement the circle / triangle motif of the logo.


  • Logo System
  • Brand Identity
  • Sub-Brands
  • Icons
  • Signage
  • Packaging
Karen Liu
Chief Commercial Officer COMM

Working with Shane has truly been a great experience. I loved his subtle but creative approach, timelessness of the design language, professionalism and ability to deliver, and his patience and dedication. It is not difficult to see that Shane is a person with great passion for his work, and because of that, we’ve trusted him to deliver the brand promise.


Photography / Courtesy of Comm
Interior / Red Design

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