CHG is an innovative hotel development and management company with hotel, resort and nightlife projects opening in cities across Asia and the US. I worked with CHG to develop a brand identity for their flagship hotel brand- Cachet.


Cachet hotels combine traditional luxury with innovative personalisation options and high-tech amenities. The brand identity needed to reflect this positioning and provide a flexible system which could scale as new locations were opened.


The Cachet wordmark is based on Optima- an elegant font with clean lines and classical proportions. The letter-spacing was carefully adjusted to anchor the text and create balance.


The symbol adds a distinctive element to the logo and suggests a cachet or seal. The outer ring and ‘C’ are constructed from thick-to-thin strokes and feature curved ends similar to the letters of the wordmark.


The pattern is created using the outer ring of the Cachet symbol. The pattern appears in the hotel marketing materials and also in details of the interior design scheme.


The logo can be easily adapted as new locations and sub-brands are developed. The symbol is prominently used in the signage system and can stand-in for the logo in smaller applications.


Optima is used for titles and is paired with a neutral sans-serif font suitable for general copy.


The color palette combines black and white with a rose gold accent color to create a sense of luxury and individuality.

Brand Extension

Cachet Boutique is a sub-brand used for small, unique properties. This more intimate feel is reflected in custom-designed lettering inspired by casual handwriting. The details of the letters were carefully refined to ensure legibility.


  • Logo System
  • Brand Identity
  • Stationery
  • Signage
Yvonne Choi
CMO Cachet Hotel Group

It has been an inspirational experience working with Shane on the Cachet brand identity. Our guests and partners love the design and we were impressed with both his creativity and professional execution. Shane is a strong partner and is 100% engaged in every project.


Photos / Courtesy of Cachet Hotel Group

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