Amazonia Brazilian beer was introduced to China in 2014. I redesigned the brand identity and packaging in advance of the launch. The refreshed design increases the visibility of the product and appeal for customers in this new market.


The original label featured a mix of fonts, color gradients and metallic inks- which gave the design a busy look. The updated design uses a simplified color palette and a bold graphic style to create a more cohesive identity that reads in low light conditions like bars and restaurants.


The primary logo is based on a bold sans-serif font. The letters are arranged to optimise legibility whether arranged horizontally or vertically. The leaf shapes above ‘O’ reference the rainforest of the amazonia region and establish a motif which was repeated on the label.


The new frog symbol replaces the toucan image used on the original label. The new symbol uses a clean, graphic style which works at large and small sizes and has appeared on advertising, packaging and promotional items.


The new bright green provides Amazonia with a recognisable brand color and contrasts with the brown glass of the bottle.


The bold letters of the primary font are paired with a slimmer sans-serif which can be used for longer blocks of text.


The new Amazonia label features custom designed artwork- designed to stand out next to the traditional styling of older brands. The letters are stacked and anchored by vines which refer back to the leaves on the primary logo. The label was printed on a clear plastic backing so the letters and graphic float on the surface of the bottle.


  • Logo System
  • Brand Identity
  • Symbol
  • Packaging
  • Merchandise
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